Located in Boston's Chinatown!

Boston Kokikai Aikido

"minimum effort maximum effect"

Women in Aikido.  Aikido is a natural for women because they start with a few hidden assets.  One is that women tend to be small in stature compared to men.  Smaller people usually have an easier time in Aikido than do larger people.  Also, women have not been trained to rely on their muscles the way men have.  Therefore, women do not have to unlearn the habit of being too "muscly" the way men have.

For a woman looking for self defense training, Aikido will teach you how to defend yourself against not only committed attacks, but also against attacks that are not obviously attacks.  Better to be safe than sorry!  Also, Aikido focuses on the types of attacks you may to experience, particularly grabs.  With Aikido you don't necessarilly have to hurt the opponent, so you won't end up on court.  A good thing, these days