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Boston Kokikai Aikido

"minimum effort maximum effect"

Why is Kokikai Aikido a good way to learn self-defense?  

When he came to America, our Sensei, Shuji Maruyama, founder of Kokikai Aikido, found he had difficulty showing Aikido to American's who wanted to "test" Aikido to find out if it "worked." The idea of "testing" was unknown in Japan, and he admits that he was expected to fall for Ueshiba, without question. 

As a native Japanese man, Sensei had looked forward to visiting America for a long time and was dismayed to encounter unanticipated cultural difficulties..  He realized that modifying  the Aikido he learned from his teacher Tohei as well as the founder of Aikido Ueshiba to be able to work against modern forms of resistance was a great challenge, which he took on when he created his own style of Aikido called Kokikai Aikido.

Since then Shuni Maruyama has continued to develop this martial art.  He always says he is "128 pounds" but he can throw much larger people than even three hundred pounds!  How is this possible?

In Aikido class we learn how to use the four principles to make us become stronger through natural movement that is not difficult in practice.  The study and practice is how to follow the principles even under stress.

You can use Aikido for other situations too!  Such as if you are having to give a speech in public.  Aikido will teach you how to calm yourself so you can focus better in stressful situations!

With the Ki Principles in mind we use technique, which is basically gaining an advantage on the opponent using something other than brute strength.  Strength against strength is only going to result in the stronger person winning.  The great thing about Aikido is it enables each individual to find their own advantage.  Everyone has a gift!  

Attacks we use are grab (shoulder, lapel, from behind, wrist) as well as choke, kick, and strikes such as punch and to the top and side of the head.  Learning these options can give you more confidence when you encounter these attacks.  Important to note is we use "real" attacks at a slow speed to start out with, we don't learn to pull punches!  

We also learn to attack, but we are most concerned with defense in general.

What you may be wondering is "can I do this?"  Most people modestly physically fit people can do this.  This is new to most people, it is like learning a language, it is just repetition.  Everyone is on his or her own path.  Competition is de-emphasized in class.  

It helps if you can come from the ground to a standing position which we will teach you to do.  There are no upper age limits!

Sensei says "I can do it, you can do it"

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