Located in Boston's Chinatown!

Boston Kokikai Aikido

"minimum effort maximum effect"

Joining the Dojo

Benefits of Joining:

  • Up to four classes per week (unlimited)
  • 6th Kyu Test Prep Video (You Tube)
  • Your own personal account where you can access your information, sign up for classes, etc...
  • Lockers, private dressing rooms and showers
  • Beginners Manual ($12.00 and included with your Beginner's Course!)
  • Student Manual ($12.00 and included with your Beginner's Course!)
  • National Camps 
  • And so much more!

Please sign up for a new account (below logon info)by clicking on the following link: View Our Member Website

Thank you for your interest in joining the dojo!

How do I join?

There are several ways to join the dojo!  

  • Many new students join the Beginner's Course.  The Beginner's Course offers six weeks of instruction, includes uniform and manual!  Everything you need to get started.

For more information on the Beginner's Course, click this link!

If you are undecided you can observe a class.  It's best to make an appointment first, but walk-ins are accepted!

  • If you are decided you want to start training immediately you can either sign up for regular classes or you can attend  a class and pay for the class at that time. 

Even if you attend a class you are under no obligation to join the class.  

  • You can either sign up online or your can fill out a form and bring it to the dojo with you.  

Soon you will receive your logon information so you can log onto Zen Planner to manage your account.  You have your own personal account here where you can pay for classes securely, and also check your progress towards your next test!  

Payments:  All major credit cards are accepted plus e-check and PayPal!
Payment by cash and check also accepted.

Welcome to the Dojo!

Sensei Heather Randolph, Sandan
Head Instructor,  Boston Kokikai Aikido