Located in Boston's Chinatown!

Boston Kokikai Aikido

"minimum effort maximum effect"

Your Life in the Dojo!

Class format:

1.) Warm up Exercises (Described in the Beginner's Manual)

2.) Rolling Practice (students perform large ukemi and small ukemi

3.) Technique Practice:  Sensei demonstrates technique from an attack of her choice.  Students break into pairs or other configurations to practice technique.  Sensei goes around to the pairs and gives advice as necessary.


Testing takes place when students have:

1) Fulfilled the testing requirements as outlined on the testing sheets (included in the Student Manual)

2) The Sensei feels the student is prepared for testing

Remember, Sensei already thinks you are ready for your next belt level if you're up for testing, so go for it!

National Camps and Seminars

We are fortunate to have the guidance of Shuji Maruyama.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to see Sensei when he comes to Boston as well as Winter Camp and Summer Camp!  Senior seminars are also given around the same time as Camps.  Second Kyu through Black Belt tests take place at National Camps only.