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Boston Kokikai Aikido

"minimum effort maximum effect"



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Kokikai aikido is a living martial art. The founder of the style, Shuji Maruyama, is still alive and still making significant innovations to the technqiue, which makes studying Kokikai an exciting and dynamic experience.


Boston Kokikai is a great dojo despite, or perhaps because of, its quirks. The dojo shares space with an after school program in the Mass Pike Towers, which means that students have to assemble and disassemble a classroom every night. But the location is convenient, and "mat ukemi" has become a popular bonding experience for students in the class.


Sensei Heather Randolph does a terrific job teaching aikido basics and quickly establishes a supportive environment for beginners. After my first class, I knew that I would be back. Aikido requires a lot of patience, and Heather's self-assured pedagogy and supportive engagement make it easy to persevere. (And how many other dojos can you think of that have a sensei who sends you a concerned email if you miss a couple of classes?)


But class at Boston Kokikai is just the tip of the iceberg. There's the monthly seminar with Sensei Dave Comi to look forward to as well as Winter Camp with Sensei Maruyama. Boston Kokikai goes out to eat together, too. It's a friendly and supportive group that learns aikido together with an emphasis on cooperation and respect.



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started taking Kokikai Aikido 5 years ago at age 45. If you are my age you probably will never get into a fight but you still can slip and fall and with Kokikai Aikido you can learn the right way to fall so you do not a bad injury. Plus learn self defense and have a good work out and lots of fun doing it.

This dojo has a great dedicated instructor that puts her heart into teaching. So if you need a good fun work come join this class 4 nights a week in its Chinatown location.


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I had the pleasure in 2011 of finding this place and emailed sensei heather for the trial class.

I came in and all i truthfully wanted was to learn how to fight off an opponent.

After my first class, I wanted more, I was to no surprise as I have always been athletic, a natural. Although, I'd get frustrated when I couldn't put the Japanese term into the techniques, I came every class until I had a pressure point injury with learning a new technique. Now, as Ive read previous reviews on how someone was injured and didn't recommend this dojo. I find it very difficult to believe that learning a new sport especially marital arts that you would never experience any form of muscle pain and or injury especially if you've been sedentary for awhile. I definitely had a few nights and mornings where muscles I haven't used in years were aching. Its called conditioning. As once an elite cheerleader with any new technique no matter how much instruction there is always a chance to be injured.

Once I had my issue resolved I returned for a few classes and was happy to be back. Only due to a work schedule I couldn't come as often. This year I have experienced other non dojo related medical issues and haven't been able to attend.

Once im back to health I will without a doubt be back with this dojo. I personally recommend this dojo. Not only did I learn alot of self defense, I learned how to be calm in any situation, my entire life has changed with having practiced the ki principles in daily living.

Miss everyone, and im terribly sorry for terrys loss he was a wonderful man and very oatient with teaching me new techniques he will be dearly missed.

P.S. - sensei heather is very personable she even after months of me not being able to come still emails me. Where else would you find a sensei like this.


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Love this place! Took me awhile to get motivated , but i am so glad that I did. Not a pro by any means, but glad that I am on the path to self defense. Feeling an overall sense of confidence that is reinforced in my daily life.


Everyone here is great!

Brooke, 2014