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Meet Nancy (center) and Maaie (left). Two young nannies from Thailand who were looking for self-defense classes after one of them was robbed!  Just look at Maaie (left) pictured here during her very first class (above) and after only a few month's of study!  After attending the Beginner's Course here of six weeks, both went on to receive their 6th Kyu rank level, Maaie received her 5th Kyu Belt and her 4th Kyu belt level before regretfully returning to Thailand.  She learned how to protect herself and received many additional benefits from her classes.  

If they can do it you can do it!  Start today and in a few months you could be wondering what your life was like before you started!  Start today to learn to be safe, learn self-confidence, and to learn an Art!

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Below is a photo of Maaie (left in photo) after a few months of practice and about a year later.  

"I have had the great opportunity to practice Kokikai Aikido with Heather Randolph Sensei and have had such a good time at every class. Heather Sensei is very kind and her dedication to her dojo is wonderful. Her teaching skills are awesome and the mood is always very nice and friendly. She is always happy to answer any questions, and is full of ideas to organize events and parties. There are 4 classes a week which is very convenient to attend as many as you want according to your schedule, and the location in Chinatown in Boston is great as there is T stations closeby. I definitely recommend joining the club to learn the great power of Kokikai Aikido in a very good and professional mood."

--Nic, Scientist